The Journal congratulates VTM NEWS live during newscasts

635a26f949b8febf58ba2f1f04857976 - The Journal congratulates VTM NEWS live during newscasts

The historic images in the news bulletins of VRT and VTM, VRT-nieuwsanker Wim de Vilder congratulated his VTM-colleague Freek Braeckman in the live broadcast of 13 hours this afternoon with the 30th anniversary of the commercial broadcaster on the Medialaan in Vilvoorde.

“We’re going to do something that we have never before done in the television history,” said Journaalanker Wim De Vilder. “We now have contact with the studio of ‘VTM News’ on the Medialaan in Vilvoorde.” The Vilder congratulated his colleague and asked how the birthday would be celebrated.

Freek Braeckman made thereto advertising for the big verjaardagsshow tonight. Then she asked The Vilder which moments VTM pride had made in 30 years. On the basis of a survey said Braeckman that VTM was proud is that they are close to the viewer and that she manages to make each and every day competitor VRT.

Both anchors were agree that they each other day to day keep in the competition for the best news broadcast of Flanders, and they were also agreed to for many years to keep it.

Finally, it turned out that both news desks exactly the same subject as the following in the rundown were, particularly the legal troubles of king Albert II and his alleged paternity of Delphine Boël.

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