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Team leader Patrick Lefevere apologizes after photo of Iljo Keisse

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Team leader Patrick Lefevre was upset because Keisse from the Tour of San Juan was taken after a well-publicized photo of the rider with an Argentine woman. The excuses of the rider was not satisfactory for the organization, he had to after the third stage of the competition to leave, because he is ” the honor and the reputation of the Tour of San Juan had affected, as well as those of the UCI and the cycling sport in general’. Now comes the foreman with official excuses:

“The team would like to sincerely apologize for the events of the past days’, it sounds. ‘First and foremost to the woman who was involved in this regrettable incident, but also to all women, fans, and sponsors. We accept this kind of behaviour is not good. The core values of our team include mutual respect and that was in this situation not be maintained. Iljo also acknowledge my error and take full responsibility for his actions.’

“As a team, we are aware that it is one of our most important tasks is to get the riders to inform and to ensure that they show respect for everyone. The events of these past days are something that we can learn from – and where we already have learned – and this is precisely why we decided to in the near future, specific behavioural training for all riders and staff to implement. To our values of ensuring that this happens something is not going to happen again. Again, we regret very much for anyone who is affected by this regrettable incident.’

Patrick Lefevere and the entire team

Sponsors angry

Also the sponsors of Deceuninck-Quick Step mixing in the discussion. Both Francis Van Eeckhout, CEO of Deceuninck, if wielerleverancier Specialized have their dissatisfaction about the brouhaha raised. “This should not happen, but I’m going to go now also not to the state of’ left Of Eeckhout the end of The Time. Also the marketing manager of Deceuninck Jérôme De Bruycker is not set up with the hoopla. “We can have the clock do not reverse, but this would never be allowed to happen,” he says on The Latest News.

Bicycle brand Specialized has responded on Twitter to focus on a few angry comments. “We take such matters very seriously and engage a conversation about the expectations we have of all Specialized riders.’ Also the reaction he signed up Patrick Lefevere that the victim is on the money, the lap of the sponsor in the wrong throat. ‘Such comments are consistent with our values and standards.’

Keisse came Monday in an Argentine media storm right after he a sexual pose had adopted when he and a waitress of a coffee shop in San Juan on the photo went. The waitress filed a complaint with the police, which Keisse answered but the case subsequently classed.

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