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Richard from ‘keeping up appearances’ death

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The British actor Clive Swift, after a short illness died. He was mainly known as the man of Hyancinth Bucket in the series of Keeping Up Appearances.

Clive Swift was one of the original members of the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, but he achieved worldwide fame with his role as Richard in Keeping Up Appearances. In the us the series is broadcast under the name Clean appearance.

In the British comedy series, he played the husband of the bossy Hyacinth Bucket, who is very committed with her social status.

Known for his versatility, played Swift in 2007, also in Doctor Who, as Mr. Copper in addition to Kylie Minogue, and two years ago, as Felix Hope in Midsommer Murders. In 1981, he played the adoptive father of king Arthur in the film Excalibur.

The actor was 82 years old.

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