Renovated Studio Brussels wants music focus

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Monday is the new Studio Brussels. The transmitter sounds and looks from all the way otherwise, today announced the VRT today. Earlier became known that Linde Merckpoel the ochtendblok trades, from now on bi-weekly video posts on her own Youtube channel. Michèle Cuvelier now presents the music programme “Transmitter”, but the morning of Merckpoel. Also the new logo, with a ‘glitch’, was already published. “The brand new design is to the benefit of that enhanced content, is a state-of-the-art and is versatile and can be used on all platforms,” says the communiqué. Music will be more than ever central.

“The abrasive mix from the transmitter wants to surprise, with space for an in-depth musical experience and discovery in multiple programs, concepts, or events”, it sounds still in the communiqué. The weekly Hotshot is replaced by a daily Catch of the day: a brand new song that you heard must have.

Team Germijns is one of the new programs: community radio from Monday to Thursday at 18 hours, with Fien Germijns. Stijn Vlaeminck will receive every Sunday morning guests at his home in Gentbrugge (belgium) and DJ Black Mamba pulls starting next week, the Saturday night, with a mix of hip-hop, afrobeat and R&B. The guitars are provided by Thibault Christiaensen of Equal Idiots, every Sunday in “Rock & Ros”.

Stijn Van de Voorde takes Christiaensen is also a video series about historical events, the band, from 5 april. Florence Windey, finally, delves into a new online series on the sex lives of her peers.

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