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Mariah Carey in Saudi Arabia: ‘positive step’ or pr?

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Mariah Carey and dj Tiësto have yesterday evening a concert given in the King Abdullahstad, the model of how the ‘modern’ Saudi Arabia should look like. No one is excited, except Her own.

Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has for major events. For the first golf tournament in the country came to Mariah Carey and dj Tiësto yesterday show up. Previously had David Guetta and The Black Eyed Peas is payable by the Saudi royal house.

But Carey is not only one of the biggest pop stars of the moment, she is also a woman. That makes her obviously more subject to criticism than the male artists who are in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia acted. Women’s rights activists warn that the saudis entertainment to use their coats of armour to Polish. That target looks not nice: the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, teems with international after. And although women were recently allowed to drive a car, they are still highly inferior to men, and women activists locked up. Entertainment is a distraction for the human rights violations in our country, “said Amaima al-Najjar, ” Women for Rights in Saudi Arabia’, The Guardian.


Al-Najjar called for Carey to stay away. “She has the power to stand up for women, as an artist and as a woman.’ Dj Tiësto was silent in all languages on his performance, Carey responded last night. Its management claims that Carey a stress-free life step could convert to genderscheiding to eliminate, because they are for an international audience of men and women could occur. How much the popprinses and the renowned dj earned, remains a mystery.

With the emergence of Carey and co, the ‘renewal’ of Bin Salman is still not on. He is planning a contest of the NBA to organize and stars David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane to the kingdom to lure. Also, Jay-Z and DJ Khaled would make their appearance.

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