Long-awaited sequel to ‘The Shining’ comes early in the meeting rooms

40b2bd109ba6cd1d955f130db257b479 - Long-awaited sequel to 'The Shining' comes early in the meeting rooms

The release of ‘Doctor Sleep’, the sequel to the horror ‘The Shining’ (1980), where fans eagerly looked forward to, with three months early and is now coming on 8 november 2019. That good news reports filmsite Screen Rant.

Doctor Sleep is available in book form the sequel of Stephen King on The Shining, his bestseller of 1977. The protagonist in the film played by Ewan McGregor, who is the now grown little boy from ‘The Shining’ plays, Danny Torrance. Mike Flanagan (‘The Haunting of Hill House”) is in the regiestoel.

Doctor Sleep describes the aftermath of the trauma that Danny suffered through the events at the Overlook Hotel. He struggles with anger and alcohol problem. Danny finds a way to use his psychic powers to turn the suffering of terminally ill patients to soften, which give him the nickname ‘Doctor Sleep’. His quiet life is however disturbed by a girl, with the same paranormal gifts, that is the target of some unsavory individuals…

For all clarity: 8 november 2019, the North American release, when the film shown in Belgium will be is not yet known.

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