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“I can perfectly years without a world title’

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World champion Wout van Aert

Wout van Aert will be glad when the world cup is over. “I will as soon as possible, the page of this season’s turn around.’

“I can perfectly years without a world title’

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Wout van Aert: “I also look forward to on the road bike to jump.’ Gregory Of All The


World champion Wout van Aert

Wout van Aert will be glad when the world cup is over. “I will as soon as possible, the page of this season’s turn around.’

“I can perfectly years without a world title’

Jan Pieter De Vlieger

Wout, do you believe that your Sunday world champion can be?

“I admit that I don’t feel like the past few years. That has especially with the BK. I hadn’t the legs to say: I will become a world champion. If such a course is in Bogense, I place myself only at the third step. Mathieu van der Poel was the big favourite, Toon Aerts has a serious step. Which is not to say that I will not try to knock.’

Last year was the only leader within the Belgian team, now Aerts next to you.

“Let me say: last year everyone knew that I was the only one that Mathieu could knock. If I wegsprong, let Show behind me, and anyway, the hole traps. All tactical plans were in my direction. But for ploegtactiek a lot depends on the trail. In Bogense is a modern circuit, with many turns and times. This makes it more difficult to much together to have.’

But as long as the Belgian team not against each other to drive, no one will complain?

“Yes, and therein we understand each other really well. We are all young riders between whom the in the past world cup’s always right clicked. You can see it also in the course: last year at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS Michael Vanthourenhout suddenly by Mathieu van der Poel (in the pursuit of van Aert, eds.). Who thinks not of its own success, but put in the wheel and let me first turn to further drive off.’

Van der Poel dominated last year throughout the season, but finished at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Valkenburg, but third. How do you explain that?

“I have seen the impact of the breach of contract underestimated. I thought: ‘this winter the bridge we wanted’. That was much more difficult than previously thought”

Wout van Aert

World champion cyclo-cross

‘A ‘choker’ on the big moments? It is too simple to say: Mathieu has a lot of championships already proven. But in Valkenburg is that the only analysis which for me makes sense. Two days later in Maldegem he drove again, the tiles of the roof. There seemed more to it than just a bad day.”

Can the him Sunday again happened to you?

“I don’t know. But for me, it is an advantage that I now for three years one after the other have won. It may sound weird, but I can perfectly agree a year without. I want that sweater like four times in a row to win, but it is not of vital importance. By Mathieu. Then the pressure is only greater, of course.’

‘Last year did you feel when Mathieu really doubt. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS koerste he is different than before. He was much more concerned with what the rest did, while he and the rest of the year nothing or no one was looking and gas continuing to give to everyone off.”

Two years ago you and Mathieu physically on the same level. Today you say yourself that he is stronger. How is that?

“There are certain things where Mathieu is just more talent in. But you can’t deny it: he is carefree to keep on growing. The problems where I was ahead, he has never known. For me declares that for a piece of why he is better and better and better. I continue to believe that I don’t have to put up with his dominance when I do my best level to make it, but I can still have a whole list of things names which explain how that gap there is come.”

And at the top of your contract at Véranda’s Willems-Crelan? How many times per day do you think about the lawsuit?

‘Be honest: almost never. I did stress about the fact that I was in 2019 may not be classics could drive. Then it was a lost year. An additional punishment on top of all the rest. Fortunately, this is now resolved, I’m on my paws cases for the Jumbo Visma.’

You have the sports impact of the breach of contract underestimate?

‘Yes, I have underestimated. Not that I thought: I do it all alone. But I had the idea This winter to bridge, we do. That was much harder than expected. The past two winters I have not taken out what it was. That breach played last year, not yet, but when I was already not good in my skin.’

You find – after the difficult winter crosses are actually still fun?

“Yes, of course. I want it really as long as possible, continue to do so. I’ve noticed that I still always have as many supporters have. And I still enjoy always when I have a passage is technically perfect can run. As long as that is true, I keep crosses.’

You called it this month on a placement with the wegploeg of Jumbo-Visma or ‘nice to go to the cross to escape.

“I was still very much in the disillusionment of the BK, which is why I was so happy with that wegstage. To make fun. I’ve never had the feeling that I was the last scoot wanted to drop, but I will be glad when the world cup is over. I want the page on this season as quickly as possible turn over. Understand me not wrong: I would like to again be champion, but I also look forward to on the road bike to jump.’

You can now say with certainty that you in the spring again your best level?

‘I have confidence in. On training I feel that I am good. I now also have a much longer period of time to get to my top to grow. In addition, I will now better framed. That should make a big difference. Last year I had after that racing only a few weeks of rest. That will be Jumbo-Visma something entirely different. I go more rest, more specific objectives.’

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