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For the first time in television history: VTM and VRT live in each other’s journal

The first commercial broadcaster of Flanders, VTM, today celebrates his thirtieth birthday. To celebrate this surprised the VRT and VTM, the viewers, with a special appearance in each other’s news.

During the middagjournaal was a number of minutes for the same image shown on VTM and VRT. Journaalankers Wim De Vilder (VRT) and Freek Braeckman (VTM) went live in conversation with each other. “We want the colleagues, congratulations wishes, and that is why they are doing something that we’ve never done before in the television history,” said Wim De Vilder. Then followed a conversation between the two nieuwsankers.

‘Live connection was an idea of our news service, ” says VRT-spokesman Hans Van Goethem. ‘Our colleagues called VTM and they were there immediately to find.’

That broadcast was not the only surprise of VRT. “We also have a movie made on behalf of the VRT VTM to congratulate’, says Van Goethem.


VTM Friday night the glitterjurken, tailor-made suits and feathers out of the closet for a large verjaardagsshow. The show takes place in the pop up theatre in Puurs.

Medialaan, the financial holding company of the commercial channel, that there are fewer than 70 well-known faces in the show and many of VTM-icons sitting in the audience.

Thirty years after the start of VTM seems to be the impact not to be underestimated. These are four things that we, without the transmitter had not been on tv.


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