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Ellen Page: ‘The vice president would actually prefer to not that I will be married’

The Canadian actress Ellen Page (31) took in the talk show, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert the word about gay rights. She denounces the attitude of president Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence. ‘If you are in a power-law distribution is, and you hate people, what do you think will happen?’

“I hurt tonight, but it feels impossible not to be,” says Page when they talk about gay rights. The actress got married in January last year with dancer Emma Portner. “The president and vice president would actually prefer to not that I will be married, let that be clear’, raised them from the shore.

‘Mike Pence wanted the love that I have with my wife forbid in the state of Indiana. He believes in a “gay cure” and offers the LGBT community a lot of harm’. She also takes the attack on actor Jussi Smollett, who in the face was beaten and doused with an unknown chemical substance, ” while the attackers are racist and homophobic insults shouted. ‘Explain the link between that attack and the haatspraak. If you are in a power-law distribution, and you hate people, you want them to hurt, and you devoted your whole career to people hurt, what do you think will happen?’ she wonders.

“Children will be abused, they will commit suicide, people will be on the street in each other be beaten. This must stop, ” she says.

Page was known for her role in Juno and later on played in Inception. She was nominated for several film awards, including an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards. She was a guest on Stephen Colbert to be its new show, The Umbrella Academy on Netflix to promote.

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