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Commotion on Asian Cup: United Arab Emirates see complaint against Qatar rejected after lost semi-final

Qatar should just play in the final of the Asian Cup, in which the Friday Japan. A protest of the national football federation of the United Arab Emirates, which in the semi-finals with a 4-0 lost to Qatar, was rejected by the Asian football federation AFC.

Two major players of Qatar would not speelgerechtigd. It comes to defender Bassam Al Rawi (21) and striker Almoez Ali (22), who were born in respectively Iraq and Sudan. Both of them have naturalized to Qatarees, but according to the UAE as they do not meet the requirements to be allowed to come out for the national team. Ali found on the tournament all eight times touch.

The political tensions between Qatar and the UAE led to Tuesday’s riots in the stadium. So cast supporters of the host country shoes in the direction of cheering players of Qatar, in the islamic world is seen as a gross insult.

The finals begin Friday at 15h (Belgian time) and will be played in Abu Dhabi.

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