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Code Orange for Cant

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Why world champion, especially from the Dutch corner, the opposition should fear

Code Orange for Cant

The netherlands has with the ladies about more medaillekandidaten than there this weekend places are on the world cup podium in the Danish Bogense. Why the orange opulence?

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Annemarie Sausage. belga

Why world champion, especially from the Dutch corner, the opposition should fear

Code Orange for Cant

The netherlands has with the ladies about more medaillekandidaten than there this weekend places are on the world cup podium in the Danish Bogense. Why the orange opulence?

Cant go for three in a row

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VeldrijdenWK in Bogense

Benedict Vanclooster

Brussels For the twentieth time in history to compete in the elite women tomorrow at a rainbow jersey in the field. Sanne Cant, the double world champion, the Belgian honour on every side. As they have already been doing for many years. The titelverdedigster in two decades, the only fellow that’s already on a world cup podium, up to five times.

The netherlands will tomorrow bring six ladies at the start. ‘Of whom there are five can win, ” says national coach Gerben de Knegt. ‘Marianne Vos, Lucinda Brand, Denise Betsema, Annemarie Sausage and Maud Kaptheijns. Only Sophie de Boer is currently a bit smaller.’

Dutch women gathered in the veldritgeschiedenis 21 world CHAMPIONSHIP medals, including nine gold. Only in 2004 and 2007 handle female Orange in addition to medals at their home race. The show was immediately put in the first edition, in 2000, with a bronze for Daphny van den Brand, who left her country three years later, a first rainbow jersey would give. Fourteen years before there was a first Belgian title, in 2017.

Historic lead

“The specific of cyclocross you can almost not train individually’

Richard Groenendaal

Dutch ex-world champion

The netherlands has in the damesveldrijden a historical advantage. It was no coincidence that the first WK is calculated by our neighbors was organized in Sint-Michielsgestel. The experience and tradition were present. Back in 1987, why the ladies in the Netherlands to their first national championship. Belgium was shocked and only very slowly waking up: the first BK for women dates back to 2001. A curiosity that was it, no more.

Bart Wellens, Steylaerts-777 supervisor of, among others, European champion Annemarie Sausage, made in that period his debut among the pros. In The Newspaper he described ever the then status of the damesveldrijden in Belgium: “As we in my younger years on training a wife along the way, we thought only: what is that in the search field?’

A cultural difference within the Low Countries that two decades later still hard to bridge. For the youngest PA in Kruibeke enrolled in the junior got eight girls (compared to 69 boys). ‘While in the Netherlands the most normal thing in the world is that a lot of young girls cycling, also in the field, ” says Richard Groenendaal, world champion in 2000. ‘In Sint-Michielsgestel, we organise is still a cyclocross race, a cyclocross linked to, for children of seven to fourteen years of age. There just as many girls participated as boys. As everywhere in the Netherlands.’

Denise Betsema. belga

Groenendaal writes smooth female inflow to the broad support at club level. ‘Many of the more than two hundred clubs which are members of the Dutch cycling union (KNWU offer veldrittrainingen for the youth, ” he says. “And there can be just as good boys as girls make use of them.’

Training points

At the regional level, working with the KNWU with central training points, five in total, spread over the Netherlands. Qualified trainers take care of there on sat morning group training sessions in the field. “The specific of cyclocross you can almost not train individually’, says Groenendaal. ‘When you’re in your own training, you will not be challenged in the bends or the technical passages. Then decline quickly at your own pace and that is not enough. We have in the Netherlands a lot of ladies who at a young age to be successful. If that also train together, they make each other stronger.’

Also De Knegt stresses the importance of these nationally-organized training points. ‘Riders can always find a good cross training, los of a team. If you’re in Belgium, not a team belongs to and you that wrong. That training points are, to us, certainly not new, but it is the merit of my predecessor, Johan Lammerts, that they are now in a structure are molded, controlled by the bond.’

‘Talented young ladies get in the Netherlands a lot of opportunities, unlike in Belgium

Gerben de Knegt

Coach The Netherlands

De Knegt is as a coach, in contact with the trainers in the different locations and displays itself also 35 crosstrainingen per winter on the trainingspunt in Alphen, Noord-Brabant. Last week came a lot of WORLDS will agree with him training and a sense of belonging-esteem. A model that has both talent development as identification promotes, he says. “It makes it much easier to in the course of a veldritwinter contact with my riders to keep and they need to follow. When a rider stands out to me or tipped, I ask if that once in Alphen can come and train, because we try to still the better elements to collect. So Ceylin Alvarado a year or three, four ago for the first time in our training. It is Sunday topfavoriete in the promises.’

Thin lines

When the elite are Lucinda Brand and Marianne Vos, the most-cited Dutch candidate world champions. Two riders who also have a successful career uitbouwden on the road. ‘In the dameswielrennen we work in the Netherlands with very thin lines between the different disciplines’, called De Knegt still an asset. ‘I am, for example, also coach of the bikers. I can be easy for them even to take to the field. Denise Betsema comes from mountain biking. Just as Puck Pieterse.’

That last does in Bogense. With her sixteen years old she is too young. However, Pieterse has already put forward for medefavoriete for the first world CHAMPIONSHIP for junior women next year in Switzerland. For that category we have also Shirin van Anrooij, ” says Knegt. “Puck and Shirin both have all of the world cup should taste. Talented young ladies receive in the Netherlands from the federation for many years already, a lot of opportunities, unlike in Belgium. Something like this requires an investment, but it pays off. The Dutch damesveldrijden is better than ever.’

Marianne Vos. photo news

Lucinda Brand. belga

Maud Kaptheijns. photo news

Cant go for three in a row

Eight matches won Sanne Cant already this season, three of which klassementscrossen. But in the confrontations with the Dutch riders Marianne Vos and Lucinda Brand put them on the shortest end. “I am not the big favorite. I’m honest, ” says Cant. “For me, that Fire. That was very strong in almost every game. But they also can take advantage of the strength of a large English block, I really believe that not. Fox has nothing like Fire champion is, and vice versa. All the playroom on that block, that is just to stress to create. While the truth is that I barely press feel. I have the rainbow jersey in the meantime, two years behave and that pressure is completely gone. I have also here last year, the world cup still won. The trail is me.’ (wvo)

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