Christoff sings on 30 years of VTM

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Last month it became known that Christoff heart surgery had to perform. One of the consequences of that operation was the need to cancel the concerts on the planning of the singer were. Two hours of live singing in front of a packed hall was really not possible for Christoff. Only one action remained in pencil in the calendar of Christoff: 30 years, VTM.
The tv station blows today 30 candles and VTM had last year, the question is whether or not Christoff, the saw sit for a duet with Stan Van Samang. Of course, saw Christoff in place. But the heart surgery threatened the plans in the war. Christoff has always had a good relationship with VTM had and he wanted not just his cat to the big verjaardagsshow send. A piece of “be A star” together with Stan Van Samang singing is something entirely different than two hours you completely have to hurl in front of a packed hall.

“Every day is a little better, I’m very happy” said Christoff. “We have a nice part out of Love for music. I got together with Stan Van Samang a piece of A Star sung”, it sounds. Christoff sang the song A Star never before with Stan on tv. “It’s a very nice version become,” smiles Christoff. “It was a very nice version, and also fun to do. I get daily emails from people who tell me that the number is a lot for them means the loss of people.”

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