British continue even after Brexit welcome in EU

13978a09d02e5a441ff432c59a1cab5e - British continue even after Brexit welcome in EU

The member states of the European Union on Friday decided that British travellers are also after the Brexit without a visa are welcome to stay in the schengen area and a range of other EU-member states.

Thanks to the decision can British every 180 days, maximum 90 days stay in the Schengen area. Citizens of the United Kingdom will after the Brexit so under the same regime as citizens of Australia, Canada and Brazil.

The European member states have made the decision because they assume that Europeans after the Brexit just visa-free to the United Kingdom will be able to travel. That decision, however, has not yet been formally taken.

‘If that isn’t the case, not even for the inhabitants of only one member state of the EU, then we will not hesitate to do a visa requirement for British passport holders’, warned the European Union previously.

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