British actor Clive Swift, known as Richard from “Keeping Up Appearances”, died

f3efc566749a1fecdbca84294da9a411 - British actor Clive Swift, known as Richard from "Keeping Up Appearances", died

The British actor Clive Swift is at the age of 82 died, so report British media today. Swift is best known for his role as Richard Bucket in the tv series ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ (‘Appearances’)

According to a communication from the family is Swift this morning after a short illness at home, death, in the presence of family members. Swift was known worldwide because he was in the popular BBC series “Keeping Up Appearances” the role of Richard is played, the submissive man who is patient with the cures of his snooty wife Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) underwent. The series, which from 1990 to 1995 was under the name of “keeping up Appearances” also in Belgium very popular.

According to the specialized filmsite was Swift since 1961 as an actor in more than a hundred tv series or movies to see. So he dived in 1972 in a supporting role in the Hitchcock film “Frenzy”. In 1981 he also played in “Excalibur”. In addition, he also played in the film “Gaston’s War” (1997) of the Belgian film director Robbe De Hert. He also was as gastacteur to see in series like “Doctor Who”(2007) and “Midsomer Murders” (2017).

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