“Bill Cosby popular among fellow inmates and staff.”

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The American comedian Bill Cosby, who is now more than four months in the prison in Phoenix locked up, would be pretty popular among his fellow prisoners. According to the spokesman of the abuse condemned comedian would also staff enthusiastic about his client.

Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt let on showbizzsite TMZ know that he and his client now has more than a dozen times the prison has visited, and that he during this visit noted that Cosby is well in the taste falls on the attendees. Wyatt says that the other prisoners, and also their present family begin to clap and cheer when the “The Cosby Show”actor, the’ entrance comes in. According to Wyatt, his client addressed to as “mr. Cosby” and tells the former actor regularly jokes about his time in “I Spy”.

The biggest ‘fan’ of the 81-year-old Cosby would, according to Wyatt, a female member of the staff and also the other guards would be respectful behave towards the fallen comedian. They would also let slip that they believe that Cosby is not in jail belong and find that the judge, in which he was convicted, “corrupt” is.

Cosby was at the end of september and sentenced to a prison sentence of three to ten years for sexual abuse of Andrea Constant. The 81-year-old actor was in april found guilty of three cases of sexual abuse. In determining the penalty, these cases are merged. The legal team of the actor is immediately sent after the decision already know to appeal and has since started the procedure.

According to the lawyers, Cosby has judge Steven O’neill made many mistakes at the first hearing of the case against Cosby in 2017, the second lawsuit earlier this year and the punishment. So there would be tampered with a tape as evidence is used.

The comedian, who thanks to his role in the sitcom “The Cosby Show” for many years was regarded as ‘America’s dad,” is by dozens of women accused of sexual harassment, drug and sexual abuse. many of the cases are, however, barred.

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