Australia registered the warmest January ever, also Rio breaks record

d707025166395107e6fe6528606db48c - Australia registered the warmest January ever, also Rio breaks record

Australia has its hottest month of January ever recorded, with an average maximum temperature of 30 degrees. The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro experienced the warmest month of January since measurements began.

The heat in Australia has led to a devastating drought and forest fire. Also, there was a large dead fish. “We saw that the heat wave large parts of the country has made during the greatest part of the month. Not only the length of it broke records, but also the maximum temperatures, ” said Andrew Watkins, manager of the climate desk. According to him, has the warming of the earth, that the temperatures with one degree increase in a hundred years, ‘contributed’ to the heat wave in January.

The highest temperature in January was 49,5 degrees. That was measured on 24 January in the south of the country. More than a million fish died due to the heatwave in the Murray-Darlingbekken in the east of the country.

In Rio, on average, to eur 37.4 degrees

The Brazilian meteorological institute (For) signed in the city of Rio de Janeiro an average maximum temperature of 37,4 degrees, the highest average since the beginning of the measurements in 1922. The recordtemperatuur was there on January 3, registered: 41,2 degrees. Thursday increased the temperatures are above 40 degrees.

There was also very little rain, what ‘atypical’ for the region, says Thiago Sousa, meteorologist of For. According to him, the phenomenon can be explained by an ‘atmospheric blocking’, that the arrival of a koudefront from the south prevents. The topology of the city, at sea level and surrounded by mountains, works high temperatures also in the hand.

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