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Anderlecht thanks to Romelu Lukaku explicitly to gain Yannick Bolasie to convince: “He looked at me and said: Go!”

6dd6d463c23491946e44de4f4074a7a3 - Anderlecht thanks to Romelu Lukaku explicitly to gain Yannick Bolasie to convince: “He looked at me and said: Go!”

Sunday is a sold out Sclessin the Clasico between Standard and Anderlecht on the program. Already, a duel on the sharp of the cut, and now even more so because both teams points need to have their place in Play-Off 1 to secure. The presence of gain Yannick Bolasie ensures already for the necessary positivism in purple and white. With explicit thanks to Romelu Lukaku.

Rutten: “I wanted to first Ronaldo, then Messi and then Bolasie”

When Anderlecht went there last Sunday with a 2-1 victory against Eupen and a few light fixtures some of the pressure and also brand new coach Fred Rutten his first victory in Belgium in your pocket. A move to the Hatch however is a different story, and that realizes the Dutchman all too well. But the Dutchman had encouraging news from the ball but. In addition to zorgenkinderen Dimata and Trebel also signed asset Bolasie immediately present. “I was really relieved this morning, I think it was the first time that I use a full core on the field stood, and that gave me a good feeling. But with the in an we must the course of day-to-day to view if they are ready for the match.”

“My first impression of Yannick Bolasie? That it is a very nice boy, a friendly man. (laughs) No, his first training was what he might expect. I have understood that on Sunday he immediately speelgerechtigd is so as I would like.”

Bolasie is a flankaanvaller, while everyone thought Anderlecht was looking for a deep striker, a number nine. “We have never been called to a number nine,” stated Rutten. “We were looking for mainly a type of player that the front right of return could provide scoring and assists – and that profile is to comply. We have Dimata and Santini already have two good nines, each of which 12 time scored, it was only the outside world that a new nine called.”

“If I am satisfied with the transfers of Anderlecht in this mercato? I had a very nice list: number one was Ronaldo, Messi two and number three is there (pointing to Bolasie). Hopefully he can press on…”

“That little race, does not mean that I have players to the B-core, will send it. I’m not so fan of it, in the end turns out often that you need. But I do think that there is enough quality present is to our main aim: play-off 1. Once we get there, we’ll see.”

Bolasie: “Sunday my Bolasie-flick? Who knows”

After the coach, it was the turn to gain Yannick Bolasie, who is wearing number 11 will play, and was introduced by Frank Arnesen. “I am very pleased that we have a player with so much experience were able to secure,” said the sports director of Anderlecht. “We have the team of Michael Verschueren like to thank all of the papers in the end on time in order to get. But we also need Romelu Lukaku to thank, who has explained how Anderlecht in each other. Fortunately, he wanted to come.”

“I wanted to come because I was in England at all levels have played and I thought that change would be good for my development,” said Bolasie. “I always saw that players from abroad, something extra, that I would like here also to acquire. Therefore, I left also at Aston Villa. Anderlecht is a big club that already some of the big players has produced. Here I can gain experience and after six months can I return to Everton.”

Bolasie was convinced by a few ex-Anderlechtspelers. Firstly, Romelu Lukaku (the two played in 2016 still together at Everton and were there by their Congolese roots, neighbors and best friends), but also compatriots when Chancel Mbemba and Dieumerci Mbokani.

“When I was at Romelu reported that Anderlecht was interested, he looked at me and he said: Go! I am definitely ready for Sunday to play because I am always continue training.”

Or he also will extract with Bolasie-flick (see below)? “I got it this season for the Congo done. But I have to see how the contest is progressing. As we stand and I can have fun, then it can. But I think first on the team. But if I enjoy it, is something by itself. So I am now once and so have I in the park learn to play football.”

Click here to view the Bolasie-flick:

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