Also, Dutch students are going to argue during school hours: “Just as Anuna persevere to the end”

The weekly klimaatmarsen of Anuna, The Weaver and Kyra Gantois get a following in the Netherlands. “I saw what happened in Belgium, and knew immediately: ‘we must do!’

The idea originated with a group of students at the Daltonschool in The Hague. “I saw on the news how in Belgium, three thousand students in the street had come to demonstrate for the climate …

The idea originated with a group of students at the Daltonschool in The Hague. “I saw on the news how in Belgium, three thousand students in the street had come to demonstrate for the climate. I thought it was so cool to see, I immediately a message is sent to a number of friends and said that we need to do, ” says the seventeen-year-old Stijn Warmenhoven, however, no seasoned activist. “I am already a long time interested in politics, but it is the very first time that I a demonstration, organize. But now the time has come for the young people in the Netherlands for the climate rise.’


A dozen friends of Warmenhoven took his place quickly behind the idea. They summarize the plan on to on Thursday 7 February in the street in Den Haag, on the symbolic Malieveld to the Dutch government calling for a more ambitious climate policy. Also in the Netherlands the climate is a hot political issue. There rages within the government of prime minister Mark Rutte is currently a debate whether the Netherlands or in full, must go to a previously prepared climate deal to perform. The measures would the ‘ordinary citizen’ to cost a lot of money, according to critics as the member of parliament, Klaas Dijkhoff.

Together with the other initiators made Warmenhoven a Instagramprofiel, that they have other students call to join the action next week. The account is in the meantime already by more than seven thousand people followed. “We hope just as the first klimaatbetoging in Belgium, three thousand striking students on the leg. If we succeed in that, then I will already be very happy, ” says Warmenhoven. ‘But I hear that there from the east of the country, for 120 students bus transport is arranged.”


Just as in our country leads to the plan of the Dutch students to mixed reactions. Although it would be from a survey carried out by the NIS reveal that many schools do not face problems. However, they propose a number of conditions for participation, as well as quite a few Belgian schools. So, students have a note with permission of the parents donated and a picture in The Hague where she was on the show.

Warmenhoven: “I get indeed a lot of questions from schools that ask me what is the intention of the protest. Of sanctions of our school, however, we are not afraid. I notice that a lot of schools just very positive towards our initiative.’

Until the end

Already responded Arie Slob, minister of Education in the Cabinet Rutte III, a lot less enthusiastic. He calls the action, while positive, but do not want that that occurs during school hours. “The compulsory education is for truancy for the climate,” said Slob.

“We understand that the minister of Education will find that we have our geography lessons to learn’, is the response Warmenhoven. “Well, during those geography lessons we have learned about the global warming. And we also see that our ministers are not doing enough to have that problem, so we find that we are on the street.’

Or Warmenhoven, meanwhile, already had contact with Anuna, The Weaver? “Not me, but someone else in our group of campaigners has already spoken with her, via Skype. She is very happy that we now also move into action and encouraged us to continue on until the end. That is the time when the government our concerns seriously and actually take action. An invitation to join together with them to sit at the table would be a first step in the right direction.”

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