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Willem II rents Jordy Croux for the rest of the season resembled MVV

142b17b01eedfc1fbd41568074a479cf - Willem II rents Jordy Croux for the rest of the season resembled MVV

Jordy Croux makes the season at the Dutch resembled MVV Maastricht. The 25-year-old Limburg winger is due to premiere league club Willem II for the rest of the season rented. Croux played between 2014 and 2016 for two seasons for MVV.

The 25-year-old Croux is a jeugdproduct of Racing Genk. A real breakthrough in the Luminus Arena, however, remained, so he in the summer of 2014 was rented out to MVV. At the new york club, he made impression and the rent was a season later, then a final transfer. In his second season with MVV decorated Croux a transfer to first division Willem II. There sailed back and forth he in the past 2,5 seasons between bank and base. He finally came to 64 official duels, in which two times he scored and eight assists.

MVV-coach Ron Elsen was in the clouds with the advent of Croux. “Jordy Croux, of course, is not a blank slate for us. He has more than 2 seasons in the red and white played and at the time to show what he can offer. Jordy has in his first seasons at Willem II on Eredivisieniveau demonstrated that those qualities even further beyond the Kitchen Champion Division. We are also pleased that he demands for MVV Maastricht chooses to put his career back the impulse to give at this time is necessary. Jordy is with his speed, range, and targeting a pest for every defense.”

Croux comes with MVV consult the thirteenth in the Dutch second division Willem II stands ninth in the Premier league.

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