VTM is 30 with a festive show full of surprises

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On Friday 1 February, the glitterjurken, the tailor-made suits and the necessary feathers taken off the shelf, for the large verjaardagsshow of VTM. The crème de la crème from the media world will never forget collects in the Pop Up Theatre in Puurs to 3 decades VTM in the spotlight. 30 years, VTM, a surprising chain of more than 50 VTM-programs, a lot of unexpected twists, some 70 well-known faces in the show and many of VTM-icons in the audience. Of The Pfaffs, the Wittekerke-cast or the actors from Family to Stany Crets and Peter Van den Begin, Wendy & French and Ella & Olga Leyers.

The show starts Friday with a unseen action. All VTM-faces of now are, after all, for the first time gathered on one stage for a spectacular opening act. Pioneer Koen Wauters kicks the show off, Ruth Beeckmans, sings the stars from the sky, Nathalie Meskens, the air is lifted and Jens Dendoncker let, such as that in a real galashow, flanked by dancers with plumes. Niels Destadsbader, An Lemmens, Laura Tesoro, Staff & Mathias Coppens, Sean Dhondt, and Jonas Of Yellow splashes of the screen. The starting point for a show full of surprises.

Of course, even the pioneers of the past 30 years present in the verjaardagsshow. So is the look forward to the reunion of the golden Ten To See duo Anne De Baetzelier and Willy Sommers and go Leading Ladies Anne, Goedele and Tess in Familieraad the clash with the Leading Youngsters of now. The return of the Wheel of Fortune, for the occasion the Ruth of Fortune, is memorable for Luc Appermont and Bart Kaëll and Kürt Rogiers. The Golden Eye can see, after a break of about 20 years re-awards for the ‘best villain’, ‘main camel’ and ‘best television of the past 30 years. Cupid Nathalie Meskens has a special surprise for Ingeborg and also Tom Waes is turned on to copain Koen Wauters a good bite to take.

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