‘Venezuelan opposition spoke with soldiers and offered amnesty to’

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Juan Guaidó spoke in secret meetings with military and security personnel. That tells the Venezuelan leader of the opposition in an open letter. The opposition offered an amnesty to.

In a long op-ed piece, published in The New York Times, Juan Guaidó explain what his desires and plans for the country in crisis. He called last week to interim president, as president Nicolás Maduro refused.

Millions of people fled now out of the economically distressed country. But the army is still right behind Maduro. The military store every protest against the president heavy handed down.

Yet hopes Guaidó the army to convince them of his candidacy. He realizes how important that is. “We have clandestine meetings with members of the army and the security services. We have an amnesty offered to all those who are not found guilty of crimes against humanity. The withdrawal of the support of the army to Mr. Maduro is crucial to a change of the power as possible, the majority of those who are employed, the recent situation of the country is untenable.’


According to Guaidó, the opposition leaders agree on the ‘route to democracy’ that must be followed: the end of Maduro, a transitional government and free elections. Guaidó has the support of the American president Donald Trump, most Latin-American countries, Germany and France. But it is the army that is with him will make or crack.

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