Trump congratulates avowed Venezuelan president Guaidó, two journalists were arrested

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The American president Donald Trump has Juan Guaidó, which he acknowledges as the interim president of Venezuela, Wednesday personal congratulations in a phone call. It reports the White House.

Trump praised according to the White House ‘historic takeover of the presidency “and promised in the talk,” Venezuela’s path to stability support’. The American head of state also said that he is in regular contact with the self-proclaimed head of state.

Both men were also about the planned protests in Venezuela against president Nicolas Maduro, in a communication, ‘former dictator’ is called.

Juan Guaidó called last week Wednesday to interim president of Venezuela on a large demonstration of the opposition in Caracas. Shortly thereafter, he was recognized by the united states, Canada and several South American countries. In the meantime have all more than thirty countries Guaidó recognized.

Press Maduro

The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday to Russian media, reiterated that he is prepared to work with the opposition to speak, in an attempt to the political crisis in the South American country to terminate. Maduro said earlier that he is prepared Guaidó to meet.

“I am ready to take to the negotiating table with the opposition, so that we can talk in the interest of Venezuela, of peace and of his future,” said Maduro in an interview with the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, that Wednesday was published.

The offer comes at the time that Maduro’s regime the pressure on his rival Juan Guaidó situations. So forbade the Supreme court to him on Tuesday to leave the country, and had his bank accounts frozen.

New protests

Wednesday, the Venezuelan opposition again to the street, to the army to convince to the side of Guaidó to choose. That last asked the European Union on Wednesday in the German newspaper Bild to be “more sanctions” against the regime of Maduro.

Diplomatic sources report the news agency Reuters that two French journalists in the South American country were at work, Wednesday were arrested. “The French embassy is doing everything to get them back to get free’, it sounds. Tuesday were already two Chilean and two Venezuelan journalists were arrested.

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