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Titelverdedigster Sanne Cant call yourself one topfavoriete for the world cup: “I hope to find a supercompensation”

59e779c07502678b75147e1eaf8b5ef6 - Titelverdedigster Sanne Cant call yourself one topfavoriete for the world cup: “I hope to find a supercompensation”

Sanne Cant is all to the fourteenth world cup. The titelverdedigster start Saturday in the Danish Bogense without stress. “Lucinda Brand is for me the topfavoriete,” she says.

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Sanne Cant explored the trail yet. They rode the legs loose after the displacement with the plane, a trip of about 40 miles on the asphalt, along with some other riders. “But I do know more or less what I’m to expect,” said Cant at a press conference of the Belgian team in the teamhotel in Odense. “I got here last year, the world Cup won and it is a parcours that suits me. So a lot of the time it will not be changed. It is reasonably fast and I also found it a nice course. The surface seems to me too good to fall for the time being. It is waiting to see how Saturday will be. We drive in the late afternoon, by then its all pretty much thawed. We will see, it makes me a little, soggy or frozen, you have to take it as it comes.”

Cant already has two world titles in the bag. They start to say without stress and does her koerstactiek prefer not to explain. “A lot depends on the weather Saturday, the wind, the ground, the start, the shape of the day. But I’m going to assume that I’m not the first who will take the initiative. Though I must, of course, not everything on your nose, hang. I’m not the topfavoriete, that is, for me, Lucinda Brand. She competes very strong, last week in Hoogerheide, and actually almost every match that she has travelled. In Hoogerheide, I found Katie Compton also quite a punishment, but if it is a fast course Saturday she will be less strong for the day. And then you have Marianne Vos and Denise Betsema.”

How do they themselves? “I feel really good”, gave them another. “But it is not because I today feel good, that Saturday also will be the case. I trained hard in Spain and I hope to get a supercompensation at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Indeed, I’ve made this season less crosses won, but I’m in two leaderboards on the head and I was second in the world Cup. So, so very bad, that wasn’t.”

“On a good day is top five as possible,” says Loes Sels

Loes Sels made her debut at a world cup in 2002, in the Attic. Saturday, she was already in her twelfth world CHAMPIONSHIPS cyclocross. “When I was sixteen and still had between the pros start,” she recalls. “It was completely different than it is now. Saturday I give myself more chances for a good result. On a good day is top five.”

Loes Sels knew this season already has four times to win. Last week she took out the in Zonnebeke, and on 5 January she won in Antwerp, two smaller crosses, but further she was also second three times in January. “I am the busy christmas period is good through,” she says. “The condition is already good. Agreement in Zonnebeke, I felt a little less, but heavy legs and then its totally gone. A day later in Hoogerheide (eighth) was the feeling already much better. Hopefully I can in Bogense the line of the new year to continue. Then there is certainly a good result in bed.”

For Sels her twelfth world CHAMPIONSHIPS. She still remembers her debut in Zolder in 2002. “The countries started then behind each other,” she shows. “And I myself was a still a young girl. My first WK was very big with lots of people. The day before the race, I was still sick, probably due to the stress. Ultimately, it was an experience that I will never forget.”

The most beautiful memory to treasure Sels, however, the world cup of 2014 in Hoogerheide, where they are seventh. Her best performance ever. “I was only seven months earlier was born, made performance much better.”

Saturday will Loes in Bogense that performance, happy to match or improve. “It is difficult to find a place to paste, but on a great day I should definitely be top five can ride”, she is strong. “This season I have already proven that it is possible. I Had in Pontchâteau’s not bad luck, I was probably third or fourth place.”

If we continue on the prospects is in Bogense probably a fast course. “For me, it would be better that what mud is. It will be important to include from the start, immediately heading to sit. The first two rounds, it is for me to accost, but on a fast-track is perhaps the advantage that for the others is more difficult to drive away.”

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