The netherlands takes first F-35 fighter aircraft in receipt

The Dutch air force Wednesday in the U.S. with a lot of fuss are the first operational fighter aircraft of the type F-35.

The delivery of the unit took place in the giant factory of aviation group Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, Texas. There are about 200 F-35 Lightning II aircraft in various stages of production.

The netherlands ordered 37 F-35 aircraft, but hopes to by the end of the decade a further 15 to acquire. At the end of last year, decided also to our country for 34 F-35’s to buy. The first copies of the American gevechtstoestellen will only be in 2025 arrive in Belgium.

The first fully operational aircraft (F-003) on Wednesday left the factory in the presence of high American officials. From the Netherlands, were the secretary of state for Economic Affairs Mona Keijzer, the head of the Dutch armed forces, admiral Robert Bauer, and the head of the air force, Dennis Luyt, present.

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