The disagreement about recall French jihadists: “We can have them also on the spot killing’

France wants to jihadists in Syria gevangenzitten, recalling to them in their own country to justice. But the opposition is critical and the surgery itself remains in limbo.

The right-wing French opposition has vigorously responded to the regeringsplannen to French jihadists in Syria back to their own country to close. ‘Fanatics don’t belong in France …

The right-wing French opposition has vigorously responded to the regeringsplannen to French jihadists in Syria back to their own country to close. ‘Fanatics don’t belong in France, ” says Marine Le Pen (Rassemblement National). They fear that Paris is big trouble on the neck. “How many new recruits they go here in the prison yards?’

The right-wing opposition party, Les Républicains (LR) is afraid that the jihadists are ultimately free. If war crimes have been committed in the country where they come from, how much evidence do we have here in France than they are to judge?’, throws LR leader François-Xavier Bellamy on.

One of his followers, the member of parliament, Pierre-Henri Dumont, had a radical solution: killings in Syria itself. ‘We can get them on the spot deaths, with targeted attacks.’

Americans withdraw

The criticism follows the decision of France to be French jihadists to retrieve the last few years meevochten with IS and now be held in Kurdish camps in Syria. “There is a new situation now that the Americans will withdraw,” says minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet. The fear exists that in the region of chaos breaks out and the Kurds are no longer able to monitor their prisoners.

“If the French, who now are being held by Kurds soon to be released, we have no interest in seeing them disappear. We have made the decision to recover them to France, ” says Belloubet. Premier Edouard Philippe said: “I would prefer that they are in France, be severely punished, than that they are free to come and new actions to prepare, even in our country.’ Now, it is entirely unclear to how many French in Syria and when and how they will be repatriated.

Especially children

According to French media sit 70 to 130 French in Kurdish camps. “We suspect that 75 percent of them children under seven years of age”, said minister Belloubet Thursday on French radio. That would mean that roughly 20 to 30 adults. But official figures or exact numbers are not there, the minister said. Allegedly there are still about 250 French jihadists in the area that are not picked up.

In the past, said the government-Macron always that jihadists tried to be in the country where crimes have been committed. French, who joined IS and meevochten in Iraq or Syria would so there must be a trial. But Paris made a reservation. ‘There must be a system of justice that a fair trial guarantees, in which the rights of defendants are guaranteed”, said government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux a year ago. That was mainly a response to the request on the repatriation of female French IS fighters who have trapped with the Kurds. One of them, an anonymous 22-year-old French woman, wrote a letter to president Emmanuel Macron. She said sorry, and talked about the ‘unacceptable’ situation in captivity, and ‘the risk of torture’. “We ask you to take us back to pick up, we are prepared to face for what we have done.’

Humanitarian reasons

Another French lady who for repatriation early on, was Emilie König, who in 2012 to Syria, traveled, and is suspected of being jihadists to have recruited in France. She was also captured by Kurds in Northern Syria. Her mother told in the French press that Emilie in captivity was tortured, but spoke to her daughter against a propagandavideo that the Kurds of its spread.

The recent years brought France children of jihadists back. That was done out of humanitarian considerations: the children were taken by their parents or were in a war zone was born. In cooperation with the Red Cross, they were traced to France teruggevlogen, where they care and help received. In two years time, more than 50 minors returned, half of whom were under the age of five.

Adult jihadists who have returned, whether or not with their children, were immediately apprehended and justice delivered. That should also happen in the forthcoming repatriation of jihadists from the Kurdish area. ‘They are all brought to the court. And if the court decides that they must be caged – which at the most will be the case – then they are also the cell in’, said minister of Home Affairs Christophe Castaner.

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