Stefaan Degand joins Tour Mineral

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Can you have a commercial read for Tournée Minérale and not join in? I actually don’t. Therefore, commitment to Stefaan Degand, the actor who makes the commercials for the new edition of Tournée Minérale read, in February not a drop of alcohol to drink. The new Tour Minérale comes on Friday 1 February, and lasts for a month. And that is also the approach of the radio campaign. Throughout February will Stefaan arranged to hear on your radio, with updates about his own participation, and tips for listeners who participate. Recently, Stefaan Degand four spots are spoken and who will be the next month are all frequently on the radio to hear. But that’s not all, the actor has committed to a month long, not a drop of alcohol to drink, not that he often does, but during the month of February he wants a full month dry. And whether or not the actor believes, Degand also has its own team created on the website of Tour Minérale. Anyone who wants can still join ‘Team Stefaan’ on At this moment, more than 43,000 people with Tournée Minérale, the team of Stefaan Degand currently consists of only 8 people,that can be better.

In The Latest News of Thursday, says Stefaan Degand that he since the death of his wife Julie is a lot less press than in the past. “I used to get to dawn at the counter hung a couple of bottles behind the choose. But that period is closed. Since a year and a half, alcohol is largely out of my life is gone”, sounds. Since the death of his wife Julie is Stefaan a single dad, and therefore responsible for his child. It was, according to Stefaan Degand a good decision because it makes his life more comfortable. “I sleep better, I also focus better, am generally what is sharper, fresher in life. That is not surprising, hey. If you have a night on the sinks, you’re out the next morning loom, everyone knows that.”

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