‘Situation ex-boxer Rudi Lubbers is critical’

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‘Situation ex-boxer Rudi Lubbers is critical’

31-January-2019 10:06
31-01-19 10:06
Last update: 10 minutes ago
Update: 10 minutes ago


The condition of Rudi Lubbers is so bad, that he soon will die if he’s not on the short-term is helped. That sets former cyclist Rini Wagtmans, a charity program set up for the 73-year-old former boxer.

The dire state of the prime minister, who, with his wife in a van in Bulgaria, lives, came last Sunday to light via a broadcast of Other Times Sports. Wagtmans calls today with the aid of the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“See it as an arterial hemorrhage. If no help comes, there is no future. Tomorrow is too late,” said Wagtmans.

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