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Sister of Obbi Oulare down the Belgian record of Kim Gevaert

795bc45e3a8254544108309fa365dc5a - Sister of Obbi Oulare down the Belgian record of Kim Gevaert

Mariam Oulare Wednesday in the French Reims in the 60 metres, the Belgian record in the minus 18-year-olds of Kim Gevaert scrutinised. Sixteen-year-old sister of Standard footballer Obbi Oulare klokte in the French Reims 7.43, while the record of Gevaert since 1995 to 7.46. Tarik Moukrime missed in the same match the EK-limit on the 1,500 meters by one-hundredth.

That Oulare the record of Gevaert sooner or later would break, was written in the stars. In december came they all to 7.47, and in October she was allowed to still participate in the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. To the record of Gevaert at the seniores to approach, will Oulare is still a lot of sandwiches to eat, because that is since 2007 on 7.10.

In the 1,500 metres in Reims klokte Tarik Moukrime 3:41.90, while the limit for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS indoor in the Scottish Glasgow at the beginning of march at 3:41.89. It was Moukrime a second place, but for the CHAMPIONSHIP he came so one hundredth of a second too short. Yet, no Belgian managed to qualify for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. The 4×400 meterploegen in both the men and the women are automatically placed thanks to their performance last summer.

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