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Scoop: Instagram plant Flemish fiction series

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A first in Flanders: production company Eyeworks will work plenty of the first-ever fiction series of our own soil that are exclusive to Instagram will appear. The series, which for now Instaverliefd is called, is currently being shot in Antwerp and the middle of march premiere on the popular social network.

“It is the first time that here something like that happens for Instagram,” says producer Peter Bouckaert (49) of Eyeworks. “Or the series later on tv or other channels to be displayed, is not fixed. For the moment it is an exclusive deal with Instagram. Within a month and a half you must have the first episodes ready.’

Also Facebook and Snapchat

Instaverliefd is about four young people with little success in love. They challenge each other to short time as much as possible, dates to string. One date provides bonus points, the other points. But ultimately – as in fiction – is not to score, but to find true love. Names of the cast are not yet known.

Instagram, where usually only pictures and videos to be shared, jumps to mind in the wake of other social media sites. Facebook already has its own series, just like YouTube. Also, Snapchat experimented with fiction: in America, was done in collaboration with Disney, in our country, was the Walloon broadcaster RTBF, a series for the movies app.

Last year grew wtFOCK, the first digital series of Four, and Telenet, a hype in the Flemish youth. The short episodes were first only on the internet broadcast, in real time, and provoked at the peak of 100,000 unique viewers. Recently sent Four of the series bundled out on tv. Or also as rapid runs with Instaverliefd, so wait and see. Yesterday was the recording in Antwerp, and also tomorrow and Sunday is rotated in cafés.

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