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Nokere Curonian up with controversial poster

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In the buildings of Danilith was Thursday evening, the poster of the 74th Danilith-Nokere Curonian proposed. The one day race with the label ‘category’ this year take place on Wednesday 20 march. The same day, addressing the organizers also with a dameskoers (1.1), this also with the start in Deinze and arrival on top of Nokereberg.

The poster for the game shows a rider seated on a cow. Then the exclamation ” Such curonian touch you never beeuuuh!’. Last year was on the bill a rider seated on a kinderdriewieler with the text ‘the Flemish, you do not get small.

“The presentation of our poster is now a tradition to be”, explained spokesperson Robert Bothuyne. “In 2017, we packed out with our first poster. Also when a cow is stressed the whole printed. Now we pack again with a cow, but one that with a rider on her back over cobblestones is a link to our trail where a pack of those cobblestones in stitches. Nokere Curonian is as game on is a unique. Nokere has around 650 inhabitants. We plant that day, and to Nokere more than 2000 vips down, a triplicate of the number of inhabitants, in addition to the thousands of other spectators who will descend to Nokere. As regards the list of participants of our competition, it is still a bit of waiting. At the beginning of march, we will all teams release.”

Nokere Curonian picks up in 2019 for the first time, also from a competition for elite women. “Just as with the men leave and the women in Deinze. Their go-ahead to follow 9u45,” reported race director Rony De Sloovere. “The trail of the women included virtually the same circulation as our junioreskoers of Saturday, march 16. That is to say that, after a loop in Deinze and Kruishoutem, Waregem and Zingem after 51 km at the start of five local circuits, each of which is 11.3 kilometers, on and around the Nokereberg. Around 13h00 we know the first winner.”

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