Justin Bieber launches own clothing line

1bbfe5df52d66f7cbf59c32f43cc57a8 - Justin Bieber launches own clothing line

The rumour did the round, but now is it finally so far. Justin Bieber has his own clothing line launched. The singer was the last time several times in his own designs spotted, so the news should not surprise. Both men and women come into their own: the brand is completely unisex.

The brand was given the name of Drew House, a reference to Biebers second name. The dress is mainly brown and baggy. On the internet compare many the collection with the third of Kanye’s brand Yeezy. Biebers line is only monotoner terms of colour and form. The brownish color connect, moreover, with the trends for the coming year.

Bieber himself has, of course, also have something to say about his Drew House: “A place where you can be yourself. Blablabla. Wear your clothes as if you don’t care. Come and chill out. Ok. Day.” Be short and concise. All the pieces in the collection, as previously said unisex and allegedly also ethically produced. Prices for a T-shirt start from 48 $ (converted to 42 euros), for the most expensive piece, you pay 130 euro.

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