Ida de Nijs attracts to the theatre in

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On Saturday 8 June at 20.30 hours is Ida de Nijs for her very first show with the orchestra to guest in CC Zwaneberg to Heist-op-den-Berg, the town where they live. Ida is only, once again, to sing when her daughters were large enough. When stepped them over the threshold and … from the shadows …

A beautiful voice and a fantastic live orchestra with the best background singers of Belgium. Songs that warm your heart from her very successful albums, brand new and special songs of Ida de Nijs her own idols. Ida late that night to hear what all of them even more. A night that every visitor to make them happy … and maybe also a little bit melancholic, but in any case, won’t forget.

Ida de Nijs sings with an emotion that you feel, songs of which every word can be understood. The singer who is a loftrompet got as a surprise in 2017, sings only five years as a professional but has in record time many Flemish hearts. Liedjesschrijvers as Bart Herman, Maarten Peters, Kris de Bruyne and o.a. Kees Koek, Bram King, and Belinda Meuldijk worked on the success.

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