French agents will get seven years in prison for rape tourist

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Two French ex-agents sentenced to seven years in prison for the rape of a Canadian tourist in a police station.

The Canadian Emily S. was five years ago in Paris for a tourist visit, when the two agents met in a café. After they together had drunk, gave the agents her to their headquarters to show it.

‘I could get my hotel not to find, I thought that a police station is a safe place would be, the woman her story for the court. “They told me that their headquarters are already in service had served as a backdrop in a movie, that it’s a landmark.” The building in question, the headquarters of the Paris police on the Quai des Orfevres, it is indeed a frequently-used backdrop for several movies, tv series and novels.


The victim was to own say, also very drunk. “I knew that I was no longer able to my hotel to find. I thought to local police going to do would be sober, because there is a lot of noise and bright light.” But in the office names the agents take her to a room where they say ‘the worst night of her life’ during that time. She says she was forced to fellatio and raped. There was also a third man involved, but that is never identified.

Seven years in prison

The two agents denied the facts, and claimed that the sex with mutual consent took place. However, they destroyed important evidence such as photographs and videos of that night. One of the officers denied initially to have sexual contact with the victim. But he changed his story once his DNA was found on the underwear of the victim.

The ex-agents were following a process that two weeks was sentenced to seven years in prison. “You are found guilty of gang rape’, said the judge after eight hours of deliberation,” on a young woman who was drunk.’

The convicts go on appeal.

Initially, the case was dropped. Following an appeal by the public prosecutor and the civil party came to a process.

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