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Fixed set-builder Tomorrowland bankrupt

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The permanent set designer of Tomorrowland, Neverland Themepark Projects, lays the books down. Lots of explanation about the bankruptcy gives the company a not.

Neverland Themepark Projects made not only a name, thanks to the sets for Tomorrowland. The company from Hofstade in Aalst, he also made some decorations for the theme parks Walibi and Plopsaland. Also abroad, the company was active. In the Efteling theme park and Disneyland Paris is work of Neverland.

The company says that the books must close ” due to a confluence of circumstances’.

In 2017 had Neverland announced that it wanted to move because it was in Aalst to say that a high price had to pay.

The company was created in Aalst surprised not: it was founded by carnavalisten that a lot of know-how had gained in their work to carnavalswagens.

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