Family-actress victim of fake news

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It’s not a happy Wednesday for Family-actress Bab Buelens. Bab, who in the Family is under fire because Emma is the daddy of her child has cheated, is on the social media become the victim of fake news. Someone is images to spread and people think that the Bab Buelens is that in the sexual film. Nothing, bite Bab on Instagram. “Ok, let’s make this short. There to circulate explicit images on the internet that people claim that I am. First and foremost, I want to make it very clear that I am not”, responds the actress confidently. Still, it seems to Bab, however, to understand that there are people who think that it is she who is in the film. “Outside of maybe a few facial features there is no further resemblance to me. Thank you for your concern and kind support. But also a middle finger to everyone who gave me in response of this gossip inappropriate messages.”

Bab is 200% sure that they will not, during her research she came even to know who the girl in the movie, however, is. “We have the original movie back tracked and in this video state very clearly the name of the girl in question. Out of respect for her I will her name is not mention but I can assure you that it is not Bab.” The actress uses this situation to her 106.000 followers on Instagram to point out the problem of revenge porn, sexual harassment and cyberbullying “Although eerdergenoemd movie is not related to me, this is likely to be a victim of revenge porn. I translate: a girl whose want to this video was shared, and so also was spread by some people here. In addition to the fact that this is degoutant is and I am very disappointed in how people deal with this, this is also a criminal offence. “

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