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“Failure is not an option if Red Bull wants Verstappen remains”

ae34e3ae10ca36a1bfd3b23cd3e625df - "Failure is not an option if Red Bull wants Verstappen remains"

Former F1 pilot Jenson Button believes that Red Bull and Honda this year, immediately a winning package should have been delivered because they otherwise risk of Max Verstappen to lose.

Red Bull has, after a long collaboration at the end of 2018 said goodbye to Renault and will be starting this year at the start if fabrieksformatie of Honda.

There is already a lot of ink flowed about the new collaboration and the expectations are high. Although most of this year not too much to expect think Jenson Button ” Red Bull-Honda, but better is immediately a winning combination, otherwise is he afraid that their hint Max Verstappen, the proverbial greener grass on the other side will go up.

“It is a bit tricky with Max,” says Button in the ‘Sky.’ “He always wants to move forward and is always looking for something else. He jumped for the first time in the Red Bull and winning a race.”

“This year is really important for him if the progress he wants to remain books. He must to the championship fight, otherwise I fear that he will begin to wonder where he best will be in the future.”

The world champion of 2009 in hopes of a fight with the three top teams in the coming season and maybe the changes to the cars there to help.

“Currently, there are so many changes in the sport and at this moment it is really what the sport needs.”

“I think we have a fight with the three top teams will have, and if that’s the case, that will be great battles to deliver,” decision Button.

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