European Parliament tightens conduct rules after metoo-testimonials

86e67e5278289bde2b9b8d75c66afc4b - European Parliament tightens conduct rules after metoo-testimonials

The European members of parliament have stricter rules of conduct adopted after testimony on sexual harassment. But a mandatory training about sexual harassment was dismissed.

European members of parliament should be required to refrain from inappropriate behavior, offensive language, and sexual and psychological harassment, and a statement to sign. Who would not, could not leading role, more adopt in the creation of legislation, for example, as rapporteur, and should the parliament no longer represent it in negotiations with the European Commission and the member states.

The parliament that amendments to the internal rules Thursday approved in plenary meeting.

In concrete terms, the new rules that members of parliament no banners or other political messages are allowed during the plenary sessions, that they no inappropriate comments may do that as a slander or as discriminatory is experienced, and that they are not psychologically or sexually may intimidate you.

Whom the conduct violates a sanction.


An amendment that the members of parliament to the same restrictions wanted to impose if they don’t have mandatory training on the prevention of sexual harassment and people management was not. That amendment came on a lot of resistance from, among others, the German conservatives.

Open VLD member of parliament Hilde Vautmans responding nevertheless satisfied on the ‘more legally sound and watertight definition of what a violation of the standards of conduct implies’.

The explicit inclusion of psychological and sexual harassment in the rules mentions Vautmans ‘a strong signal’. Thus the parliament acknowledges the seriousness of the problem, ” she says.


After the scandal around Harvey Weinstein, and the subsequent metoo-movement also received the European institutions criticism about their handling of complaints about sexual harassment. To press the boiler to keep launched by the European Parliament, a blog in which anonymous testimonials posted can be about sexual harassment.

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