Church service for Armenian family after 96 days ended

08d066e1d4f79706905252ad90ca6c21 - Church service for Armenian family after 96 days ended

After 96 days in the Hague Bethelkerk the end of the church service to the expulsion of an Armenian family to avoid.

The asylum-Armenian family Tamrazyan spent three months in the kerkhuis while day and night a mass was dedicated. Therefore they were protected. The government in Holland should not be service interrupting to people to take.

After nine years had the family leave the Netherlands. According to the competent secretary of state Mark Harbers was impossible that they would be allowed to remain. But the kinderpardon which the Dutch government Tuesday night an agreement reached, brought yet redemption.

According to pastor Derk Stegeman have several Members of parliament from the coalition parties assured that the family in the Netherlands is allowed to stay. The scheme means that so-called rooted children again need to be assessed.

From the society took the pressure for a settlement in recent months. The netherlands has approximately four hundred children for more than five years of stay in the country and in that period a residence permit. A number of them got over the past few months a lot of media attention, including the kerkasiel in The Hague.

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