Canvas up with documentary series Leaving Neverland

12b3b95f5c6930bb4b8ddbd12dfba67c - Canvas up with documentary series Leaving Neverland

Canvas has the broadcasting rights acquired from the sensational new HBO documentary Leaving Neverland on child abuse by the pop star Michael Jackson. In the film witness two men, Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, extensive about the way in which they as a child by the pop star, spoiled, seduced, and sexually abused.

The four-hour long documentary is in the course of the month of march in two episodes broadcast on Canvas.

The Australian choreographer Wade Robson (1982) was as a child, already a gifted dancer and was in contact with Michael Jackson. Jimmy Safechuck (1978), currently computer, and played with Michael Jackson in a Pepsi-advertising film and became so with him friends. Both men were in the late 80’s when 7 – and 10-year-old included in the entourage of Jackson. Together with their family, they were invited to his domain, Neverland, and they went with the pop star on tour. Their parents were blinded by the glamour and the luxury, and did not see how their children for many years, manipulated and abused by Jackson.

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