Bjorn Verhoeven takes the carnavalhit of 2019 on

It began years ago as a joke in his radio show and grew into a true hype. Who is Bjorn Verhoeven says, says ‘Burning Sand’! When the outdoor thermometer 25 degrees, rotates Bjorn Verhoeven always ‘Burning Sand’ by Gert Timmerman on the radio. His listeners continued to insist to the classic 1970’s in a ‘fresh’ 😉 jacket to cross. Bjorn dived together with Larissa Ceulemans (Def Dames Dope) in the studio and so it came to pass … Discover the funniest, most foreign carnavalskraker ever! … And who is Bennie von the Radio then? Yes … that ask us, too! 😉

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