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Bison crypto-App of the Stuttgart stock exchange on work – Coin Hero

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Bison crypto-App of the Stuttgart stock exchange takes work

Home News Bison crypto-App of the Stuttgart stock exchange to take up work

Matthias Nemack –

Some months it took: Now, crypto-investors can use the Bison App of the Stuttgart stock exchange finally for the trade.

Crypto-Trading, finally, via Bison solution possible

The announcement of the App “Bison” of the Stuttgart stock exchange dates back to the spring of 2018. More precisely, there were the first reports for the market introduction in April of last year. Now it is so far. The mobile application talks to in the first step, users and investors in the field of digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. According to the official Details, which have been brought by the Stuttgart stock exchange, in the framework of the now, finally, the pending launch of the App for trading the above currency of the digital world in circulation. The exchange occurs in this context, as the parent company.

Traders can trade the two most used systems

If you look at the publications of the new Service, shows that the model is started with some delay. Put more positively, you could say: Good things come to those that wait. The introduction of the innovative crypto-App Bison is especially an important Signal. And to the extent that, at last, a German stock exchange dares to take the step in this growth market. At the beginning of the user about the operating systems Apple iOS (via iPhone) and Google’s Android access to the System. The technological development has taken over the Partner Sowa Labs, which is also with the stock exchange.

Operators of currencies added to the beginning of the four key Crypto

Using the company “Digital Ventures”, which, in turn, the Stuttgart stock exchange is subordinate. The aim of the new application for mobile devices, the relief of the crypto-trade in the above-mentioned tokens. In Switzerland, the obligatory legitimacy can be made after the successful registration by means of video Ident. Knowledge value: The trade requires no prior establishment of their own Wallets. The Central Account management is an advantage the Bison App. Furthermore, number of Users, active trading there are no fees to the operator. A Transmission in a Wallet, in turn, is without problems feasible. In addition to the two above-mentioned digital currencies Ripple, and Litecoin are available for trading.

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