Beautiful and Ruthless to Vitaya

60f3dfe05e504427332355820837ca92 - Beautiful and Ruthless to Vitaya

There is good news for the fans of Beautiful & Ruthless, the soap moves yet again. After the stories of the family Forrester for years on TV 1 was, went afterwards VTM agree to go. In a still later stage, the program was, respectively, VT4 and FIVE to see after which it re-moved. The earlier smaller station FOX decided the program in 2015 to send out but there came in the summer of 2018 to an end.

The fans were shouting murder and fire because their favorite program was threatened to not more on a Flemish channel broadcast. To Eclipse TV with a solution. But at SBS Belgium, they went to the program also on the antenna, more specifically on SIX. But SIX would eventually not keep word. Monday 4 February start season 31 episode 7.553 at Vitya. The chance is great that the fans have their digicorder will set for Beautiful and Ruthless comes to a 5 for 7 on television. 5 for 7, we mean really 5 minutes before 7 o’clock in the morning. A little too early? Then we have good news: 01.50 in the morning, there is still a repetition.

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