At least eight deaths due to extreme cold in USA

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The United States is experiencing a dangerous cold snap. Wednesday fell at least eight deaths due to the extreme cold. In Chicago dropped the wind chill to nearly fifty degrees Celsius below zero.

In the Midwest In the bags in the temperatures currently well below the freezing point. Hundreds of schools are closed and thousands of flights have been cancelled. “This storm is a serious threat to the people in our state,” said the governor of Illinois, and JB Pritzker.

Wednesday there were at least eight dead. So died an old man who had fallen when he his house wanted to go in. There died also a student at the university of Iowa. Her body was behind the academic hall found. In the area of Chicago was also a man hit by a snow blower.

Further, a man froze to death in his garage in Milwaukee, and died a young couple after their SUV car in and another car hit in Indiana.

State of emergency

In Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan was Wednesday the state of emergency is declared. Also in Alabama and Mississippi that was the case. The state of Illinois can freezing temperatures of -33 degrees expect. By the cold wind is that a wind chill of -46 degrees. In Wisconsin would have 60 cm of snow fall.

Meteorologists in Iowa to warn people that they are not too deep may breathe, and ask as much as possible to stay inside. In such temperatures after ten minutes frostbite (freezing, red.) possible, says the National Weather Service (NWS).


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