Arnout Hauben adventurous trip around the North sea

647a1d6ce2d753bb9f70a690ec79c764 - Arnout Hauben adventurous trip around the North sea

For the six-year-old Arnout Hauben was the beach of Ostend, the end of the world. There was he sure of. Now is going to be there for him on that same beach a whole new world opens, the world of the North sea.

When we are in Flanders speak about the North sea coast, it is often about our own built-up sea front of only 67 km long. But the boundaries of the real North sea reach much further. Behind the coastline lies a vast water world that the Flemish people barely know. A sea that Flemish history has been made, and that the Belgians, the French, the English, Scots, Norwegians, Danes, Germans and Dutch together.

In the ten-part adventure reisreeks Around the North sea departs Arnout Hauben, together with Philippe Niclaes (camera) and Ruben Callens (sound and drone) – on a 5,000-kilometer-long trip around the North sea. He goes in search of the rich history of that sea and collects startling stories located on and around the water have played.

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