Ariana Grande put embarrassing tattoofout right

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Yesterday evening it was all hands on deck on social media, because because Ariana Grande got a new tattoo. The only problem? There was a pretty big mistake in. The translation of the Japanese characters was pretty hilarious.

The intention was actually to “7 Rings”, the title of Ariana’s latest hit. The singer chose not to for the English, but for the Japanese translation. They posted a picture on social media and the evil was done. A lot of fans pointed her to that on her hand is not ‘7 Rings’, but ‘Barbecue Grill’ to read.

Ariana Grande put out her error is not under chairs or sofas, but explained himself: “I have indeed a few characters omitted. It was horrible pain and it looks so still good. I would really no extra sign have weighed. The place of the tattoo peel very much and it is so, anyway, not here to stay. If I am wrong, I cut my teeth next time, perhaps a bit more on my teeth.”

The criticism was probably too hard, because last night the singer suddenly changed their mind. They did not throw in the towel and went immediately back to the tattoo parlor to get the error to straighten out. They posted a story on Instagram in which she among other things her doctor thanks for the painkillers. Of course it is a little bit of humour also in place: “Rest in peace little barbecue. I miss you man, I found you actually really, really fun.”

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