Alain Smits choose for Jacques Brel

250ad69f004fa8eb59b02db79b6eb2d3 - Alain Smits choose for Jacques Brel

Alain Smits is currently not yet the biggest name of our Flemish artists. However, he seems well on the way to a stayer. His first English song was “Let me”, a cover of Ramses Shaffy, and thus he reached, but the number 23 in the Flemish Ultratop 50. Now, three months later scores, he Brel-cover “Love of a later time”. Last weekend, he came in at the 40th place in the same Flemish Ultratop 50. Alain Smits edited “Les vieux amants”, after the approval of France Brel. In Ment on Sunday was the singer’s pride in the words, “congratulations with your new single,” who, by the daughter of Jacques Brel were pronounced. With the single itself, there’s also a nice clip, which the singer wants to drop that must be seen.

Alain Smits has as a performer more and more plans to get some action. In the past he dreamed of them to conquer the world, but now he thinks it is especially important to in his own language to sing. To say he has a backpack with our own work ready in the same genre. But first and foremost he wants to concentrate on the late grandmasters before he his own songs is going to talk about.

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