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AA Gent punch after penalty shoot-out to final Croky Cup

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AA Gent knock, after a wildly exciting cupmatch through to the final of the Croky Cup. The defeated Wednesday KV Oostende, already had it there a penalty for (3-4). The regular time was 2-2 finished. Gent takes it in the final on may 1 against KV Mechelen, that by Tuesday the Union is defeated.

Admittedly: I, the undersigned, was two weeks ago at Mouscron-Oostende and saw it after that match best bleak for KVO. Gent knocking over two matches and a second cup final pick in three years time? We believed it not, but Ostend was wrecked finally on a sigh of the final.

It would, however, earned. First, on the basis of which prima contest last week in Gent, but even more so after the second leg Wednesday night. Oostende played without discussion-his best 60 minutes of the season. The team at Thorup signed for the most swinging start, KVO for the most efficient. After only 7 minutes, it was the inevitable The Sutter that KVO on lead brought. Lombaerts headed home a corner by and The Sutter came as a battering ram walked up to kinks.

That the attacker already after half an hour with a back injury of the field seemed to Ostend a downer, but his replacement Sakala gave his team an opportunity to begin to doubt. 39 seconds was the Zambiaan on the field, then on the right, with the ball nicely past a Kaminski curled. Or that 2-0 deserved? Sure. Zivkovic had already two huge opportunities missed. It seemed at times like circus UNTIL smoothly from one trapeze to the other. Ghent seemed to be in turn ready for the lions. The Buffalo tried to print, but only Bezus just got for the rest a real big chance. He nudged at Dutoit.

KVO by forces around

The Buffalo had actually just brute bad luck, because in Ostend dared in december only dream of such an accomplishment. Brown, Nouri, Dutoit: Ostend superstars on surplus yesterday. After the rest, all a bit less adventurous and beautiful appeared, was not more than logical. Oostende lost with The Sutter and his main pawn, Gent conducted in turn, the pressure is still on, and went with four attackers play. Substitute player David came beresterk in, went handy between the lines and made the match personal tilt.

KVO tried to maintain, but in the 83rd minute handed Sorloth a first uppercut. In the 91st minute saved Bezus after unsustainable Ghent waves still extensions. The situation looked suddenly completely different. KVO was physically by his best efforts and was by Gent trapped in their own penalty as if it were a handbalwedstrijd concerned. Two times had to Dutoit’s furniture rescue: on a distant attempt of David and a header from close of Sorloth. During the second renewal took that last with a cannonball. Scored was no longer there, making penalties a winner had to indicate.

Bezus with happiness

Therein is the new Kaminski to matchwinnaar by three penalties to address. Bezus kicked – with some luck – AA Gent to the voetbalhemel.

The demolition work of Thorup brought so still: the Buffalo’s draw for the first time since the won the cup final of 2010 another look at the Heysel. The Dane on may 1, all a bit of a demigod and Ghent his first since 2015 to deliver.

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