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Wikipedia allows contributions in Bitcoin, Cash, Coin, Hero

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Wikipedia allows contributions in Bitcoin Cash

Home News Wikipedia allows contributions in Bitcoin Cash

Matthias Nemack –

Wikipedia allowed last donations through the platform Coinbase in Bitcoin. With a partner change can now be donated in Bitcoin Cash.

Wikimedia Foundation is expanding fundraising model

The most important and rapidly growing Online library, Wikipedia, is financed primarily by donations of the users and investors, know most of the visitors to the websites. Who cost the enormous development of the parties involved wanted to, had to currencies on a classic Fiat like the US Dollar trust and could handle their own donations through various financial service providers. Since a few years ago, Users were able to use after all, the Bitcoin for donations, where the money transfer was done through the platform Coinbase.

BitPay now processing service on Board

Now it is officially the home of the Wikimedia Foundation, you will allow, with immediate effect, payments in the digital currency Bitcoin Cash. After all, a doubling of the selection, if it wants to formulate. With the company, BitPay is now, without question, one of the big names in the industry for crypto payment processing involved. The re-thinking of the acceptance and the service provider explains the Foundation which would have as an NGO set up without the favor of the own users of problems in the financing of – among other things, that you want to reduce the high costs as a result of various payment systems.

Less technical effort and reduced transfer costs

In addition, the bureaucracy is at the time of booking of transactions from all over the world in many different currencies is very high. “Crypto-donations” are now to remedy the situation. These difficulties will have to fix the payment options Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash now at least. In addition, it is the company that the number of donors be increased with a penchant for crypto-currencies over the years. The switch to BitPay to facilitate payments and a reduction in costs. Maybe Ripple or Ethereum are soon as a currency for donations to the election?!

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