Verhofstadt: “We will not fumble on Brexitakkoord’

15165524d5d89f4c720849f99131d6eb - Verhofstadt: "We will not fumble on Brexitakkoord'

There is little to no room to London to renegotiate the Brexit and the so-called backstop. That says Brexitonderhandelaar Guy Verhofstadt. Still, he sees yet another opening.

Yesterday, the British parliament in London made clear that a majority of the terugtrekkingsakkoord from the EU wants to support, on the condition that the backstop is replaced by the ‘alternative arrangements’. The backstop is to prevent the Brexit lead to the reintroduction of border controls on the island of Ireland. It is a vangnetoplossing (if there is no agreement between London and Brussels) which states that the British are in a customs union with the European Union remain and Northern Ireland, a part of the European rules must continue to follow as long as there is no alternative is found to be a hard limit to avoid.

But Europe sees new negotiations, not sit on the terugtrekkingsakkoord. In a communication that is leaked on social media points to European president Tusk the British that Europe is prepared a request for extension of the Brexit on 29 march to consider.

‘The terugtrekkingsakkoord is and remains the best and only way to an ordered departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The backstop is part of the terugtrekkingsakkoord, and the terugtrekkingsakkoord is not open for renegotiation, as stated Tusk in a statement.

Guy Verhofstadt, the Brexitonderhandelaar of the European Parliament, following Tusk in it, so he told this morning on Radio 1. “There is little or no room to fumble at the terugtrekkingsakkoord and the backstop.’

But that does not mean that there can not talk, so he left again. ‘There is room to talk about our future relationship after the Brexit. That relationship between London and Brussels can be so intense and deep that there is no need for that backstop to use. There is a opening for it. The European Union is willing to work together with the British to talk about: a customs union, a single market, that can do it all for us.”

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