Venezuelan court bans self-proclaimed president Guaidó to land to leave

c2bde3a5c33ecdb42290bf1fd991303a - Venezuelan court bans self-proclaimed president Guaidó to land to leave

The Venezuelan court has Tuesday Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed president, is forbidden to leave the country. There is a preliminary investigation of the 35-year-old chairman of the parliament, which is supported by the United States, because ” the actions that the peace in the republic have harmed’. That says, the president of the Supreme court, Maikel Moreno.

Until the research is complete, should Guaidó the land is not abandoned, and his bank accounts frozen. The Supreme court, the highest court in Venezuela, is faithful to the socialist party of Maduro, who are all the members it has appointed.

The White House had earlier in the day Venezuela warned. “Who the democracy are trying to sabotage and Guaidó tackles, will bear the consequences’, tweette John Bolton, National Security adviser to president Donald Trump. ‘The only response of the regime’s persecution, repression”, said Guaidó itself to the press. He made a call to the court. “You do not self-sacrifice for the impostor (Maduro, eds.) and his gang.’


The United States suggested Tuesday the possibility of new sanctions against president Nicolas Maduro, to continue to weaken. Monday, the US sanctions issued against oil company PDVSA, a pillar of the Venezuelan economy.

The Guaidó led Venezuelan parliament, determined to Nicolas Maduro the power to expel, came Tuesday met to talk about a bailout plan for the country and the possibility of ‘free and transparency elections’. Guaidó called then to Wednesday to Saturday to argue, at a time when all eyes are on the country, which is suffering from an economic crisis.

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